That tragic moment when you run out of ink while printing, have to run and buy new cartridges (the original ones because the other store with cheaper ones is closed) and you consider donating an organ to pay them.

Six years minus one month is the difference between the first photo and the second one.

It was May 16th 2008 when I woke up to find Conxi (a bunny I adopted from some previous owners who could no longer take care of him) dead on the floor next to my bed. I cried so hard. To me it was not just a pet. It was a friend and a therapist that gave me a reason to wake up every morning and do stuff.

My friends and I wrapped him on a scarf, put him inside a shoe box with a rose and buried him at the forest next to the UAB’s campus. I was devastated. It was a friday and I drove the 300 miles back home because I could not stand being in my room and him being gone.

Long story short, when I got to my parent’s, I found a little furry grey ball of hair in the laundry room. Looking all scared next to the wall. It was her.

My family (who are not animal lovers as opposed to myself), had seen me so low and realised how much I was grieving my loss that decided to go to a farm and get me a new bunny pal.

At first I was in denial. I did not want her at all. Nobody could substitute Conxi and I did not want to go through another loss. I told them to get her back from where she came from because just that morning I had buried my pet.

They told me no way they were going to get her back. And I remember my sister coming with her into my bedroom and putting her next to me. She was so tiny and so scared.

All of the sudden I realised she had just lost her momma and her siblings and she was just one month old and needed lots of love. It was not her fault that my pet had died. It was my duty to take the best care I could of her because she was in need of love too. We both had had a great loss that day.

So I took her, she fit in the palm of my hand and smelled her. She smelled so good, like fresh grass after it has rained. She needed a name urgently.

There was no hesitation about it. I named her Kaoru. (Which in Japanese means fragrant, good smelling).

Six years have gone by ever since the day she was born. (Exactly a month before we met).

And I must say we instantly bonded. She is a very good bunny lady with her own personality and likes to be super extra clean and keep everything tidy. Together we have travelled a lot and lived here and there. We’ve had walks in the park while other poeple walk their dogs and we’ve held our head high.

She’s gone though surgery and has overcome it. She’s my little saviour and I have no doubt she likes me because she shows it to me every day.

I never expected she would make it this far in life, because bunnies don’t have a very large lifespan. But today she’s SIX! and going on strong.

Happy birthday Kaoru!

I am SO glad that you came into my life.

On my way to Auckland! (April fools’)

Right now I’m on a scale at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

Destination: Auckland, NZ.

It is crazy how I woke up in Europe, now I’m in Asia and next time I’ll lay in bed it’ll be in Oceania!

Making some time at the airport I saw these warriors  (or smth) ain’t it neat?

Loving how wi-fi will get you connected no matter where you are.

Beware Kiwis, here I come!



This little girl in the middle, looking at the camera, was a happy girl once.

This little girl had big dreams ever since she could recall. She wanted to be a Hollywood star and she enrolled all sorts of plays and performances she could.

This little girl was a little bit different. She was very creative and was daydreaming more often than not.

This little girl had a higher IQ than the rest of children her age but was not changed to higher grades to not feel small; to keep being with her friends.

This little girl was brought up in a messed up household. She had an older sister who constantly kicked, insulted and belittled her because she coudn’t deal with not being the only child anymore.

This little girl’s parents should have never gotten married, or should have been realistic and get a divorce instead of fighting in front of her every single day.

This girl started to cry herself to sleep every night.

This extroverted girl, started to turn very shy as she grew older.

This little girl started to get bullied at school because she picked up a few pounds, not many, but she was not picture perfect anymore.

This little girl had nobody to reach to talk about what was going on. She only had the music as an outlet for her feelings.

This little girl got tired of being bullied fell into a depression and axiety followed by anorexia nervosa.

This little girl was not a little girl any longer. She had become into a beautiful, intelligent young woman, yet lonely and sad.

This little girl got denied the chance to follow her dreams of moving to LA, study acting and so forth and was sent to University.

This little girl felt like a fish out of the pond and even though she was good at her studies it was excruciating to see years go by, her getting older and her dreams being banned from her.

When she was about to fly, she got severy ill and had to get back to her parents in order to recover and move on.

Everyday, she gets reminded of how much her treatment cost and how wealthy they’d be if she wasn’t around. This hurts her so bad there are no words.

Once upon a time, this little girl had a smile on her face.

But all her dreams and hopes got shattered.

Sometimes she wonders what’s the use of being alive.

This little girl, was me.